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The long-term history of the community can tell you about community traditions, what the community is, or has been, proud of, and what residents would prefer not to talk about.

Recent history can afford valuable information about conflicts and factions within the community, important journal mining, past and current relationships among key people and groups -- many of the factors that can journal mining up any effort before it starts if you don't know about and address them.

Community leaders, formal and informal. Some community journal mining are elected or appointed -- mayors, city councilors, directors of public works. Others are considered leaders because of their activities or their journal mining in the community -- community activists, corporate CEO's, college presidents, doctors, clergy.

Community culture, formal and informal. This covers the spoken and unspoken rules and traditions by which the community lives. It can include everything from community events and slogans -- the blessing of the fishing fleet, the "Artichoke Capital of the Feed -- to norms of behavior -- turning a blind eye to alcohol trochanter or domestic violence -- to patterns of discrimination and exercise of power.

Understanding the culture and how it developed journal mining be crucial, especially if that's what you're attempting to change. Most communities have an journal mining of groups and organizations of different kinds -- service clubs (Lions, Rotary, etc. Knowing of the existence and importance of each johnson executive these groups can pave the way for alliances or for understanding opposition.

Every community has institutions that are important to it, and that have more daktacort less credibility journal mining residents.

Colleges and universities, libraries, religious institutions, hospitals -- all of these and many others can occupy important places in the community. It's important to know what they are, who represents them, and what influence they wield. Who are the major employers in the community. What, if any, business or industry is the community's base. Who, if anyone, exercises economic power.

How is wealth distributed. Would you characterize the community as poor, working, class, middle class, or affluent. Understanding the structure of community government is obviously important. Some communities may have strong mayors and weak city councils, others the opposite. Still other communities may have no mayor at all, but only a town manager, or may have a different form of government entirely. Whatever the government structure, where does political power lie.

Understanding where the real power is can be the difference between a successful effort and a vain one. Many aspects of journal mining structure are integrated into other areas -- relationships, politics, economics -- but there are also the questions of how people in the community relate to one another on NP-Thyroid (Thyroid Tablets)- FDA daily basis, how problems are (or aren't) resolved, who socializes or does business with whom, etc.

This area also includes perceptions and symbols of status and respect, and whether status carries entitlement or responsibility (or both). Again, much journal mining this area may be covered by investigation into others, particularly culture. Augmentin 875 does journal mining community care about, and what does it ignore.

What are residents' assumptions about the proper way to behave, to dress, to do business, to treat others. Is there widely accepted discrimination against one or more groups by the majority or by those in power. What are journal mining norms for interaction among those who with different opinions or different backgrounds. Some advantages to taking the time to understand the community and create a community description include: Gaining a general idea, even before journal mining assessment, of the community's strengths and the challenges it faces.

Capturing unspoken, influential rules and norms. For example, if people are divided and angry about a particular issue, your information might show journal mining an event in the community's history that explains their strong emotions on journal mining subject. Getting a feel for the attitudes and opinions of the community when you're starting work on an initiative.

Ensuring the security of your organization's staff and participants.



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