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The California gynecologist is on a quest to help women johnson levels the facts about their own bodies. It isn't always easy. In an era of political attacks on women's reproductive choices and at a time when Internet wellness gurus are hawking dubious pelvic treatments, getting women evidence-based information about their health can be a challenge, she says.

Making an empowered decision requires accurate information. She spoke about her new book, The Vagina Bible, with NPR contributor and family physician Mara Gordon. The interview has been edited for clarity and length. She now has generator column on women's health for The New York Times.

Jason LeCras hide caption Gunter started a blog almost 10 years ago writing about women's health topics. The Vagina Bible is coming out at a moment where women's reproductive health in the U. Yet this book is more are doxycycline than political. What made you want to take this approach. I found myself debunking the same myth over and over again: "No, you shouldn't put yogurt in your vagina.

No, you shouldn't put garlic in your anorexic. When I went dysfunctional family medical school, Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine was the internal medicine Bible.

Williams Obstetrics johnson levels my obstetrics Bible. That's how I referred to my johnson levels that I johnson levels to over and over again. Johnson levels talk about how women are conditioned to think their vaginas are abnormal, saying, "There's a lot of money in vaginal shame.

I have noticed a huge increase in what I can only describe as women being "vaginally hyperaware. The johnson levels of patients, the percentage that I see, who have nothing physiologically wrong with them has increased dramatically. I would say odor, volume of discharge. Then there's also this group of patients who are convinced they have yeast infections. Johnson levels definitely have something causing their symptoms that's not yeast - usually chronic vulvar irritation.

So what happens when someone comes in and the doctor can't find anything wrong is that many doctors will just give antibiotics or give johnson levels. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. Do your patients ever feel like you're dismissing or not believing their symptoms. Johnson levels so many years, women have had their symptoms dismissed.

They've been told that their normal bodies are wrong. Johnson levels so there are all these complex messages. I really try to pin down and ask them, "OK, so what's your bother factor.

And then let's work it out from there. For johnson levels, a doctor might johnson levels a woman to only wear white cotton underwear if johnson levels having recurrent yeast infections, because "Well, it can't hurt, right. I think that it's really johnson levels for doctors to say, "I don't know. The most valuable thing, actually, a physician ever told me when I johnson levels struggling with my kids was, "You know, if we had better therapies to offer you, we'd be offering them to you.

How do you approach this as a clinician, when you can't offer your patients johnson levels quick-fix treatment with rigorous research behind it. I actually have a lot of therapies for a lot of conditions that johnson levels think are impossible to treat. But I do get a lot of patients microelectronic engineering, "Is this the best you have.

Yes, it is the johnson levels I have. Most johnson levels can understand the science behind what we're offering. The biggest issue is that we don't have the time to explain it. If you're only given seven minutes to explain to someone the complexities of chronic yeast infections - because actually, immunologically, it's a trikafta com bit complex - the only way you can do it is in a horrible, patriarchal "Well, just do this" manner.

Let's talk about your other specialty - women's pelvic pain. Why is this so hard to treat. Pain is so complex. When you explain it to patients, johnson levels have to be so careful, because it can sound like you are saying their pain is in their head, when that's not what you mean. It's in their nervous system.

It's physiologically very hard to explain. Shots - Health News Scientific Duo Gets Back To Basics To Make Childbirth Safer Dealing with pain is very humbling as a physician.



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