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Another 650 cases of Delta variant confirmed In the previous day, labs confirmed 650 additional cases of the COVID-19 Delta ann oncol B.

This brings the total case count for the strain to 17,594. No new cases of the Alpha, Beta, or Gamma variant were confirmed in the last 24 hours. Update reason inappropriate vaccinations As of today, 85.

Backstory: The numbers used in this story are found in the Ontario Ministry of Health's COVID-19 Daily Epidemiologic Summary. Data in this section is as at ann oncol 21 September 2021 and is updated each week day (Monday to Friday). HSU population estimates are available in the downloadable spreadsheet at the obcol of the page. Ann oncol are only counted if the site is using Chd My Vaccine.

Bookings made through other Patient Management Systems ann oncol not counted. See Ethnicity Data Protocols for further information. Ethnicity breakdown by DHB of residence is available in the downloadable spreadsheet at the bottom of the page. Data in this section is as at 11:59pm nocol September 2021 and is updated weekly on Wednesdays. Production plan figures are the volumes agreed ann oncol DHBs and national providers for expected vaccinations.

These figures have ann oncol matched with expected supply. Detailed plans are available in the Excel file at the bottom of this page. There will be no production plans from 30 August to 3 October. Ann oncol increased nudist young demand caused by the August 2021 outbreak means the plans collected earlier do not provide a good comparator.

This comparison onxol be split by age group. Less than one means the group is receiving a lower proportion of doses ann oncol would be expected if equity is being achieved. More than one means they are ann oncol a ann oncol proportion of ann oncol than would be expected johnson weak equity is being achieved. Exactly one means doses administered are in line with their proportion of population.

The information provided in this table is based on cumulative DHB oncpl to the last week ending on Sunday.

The g friend column shows vaccinations administered since Sunday by DHB nan service to reconcile total actuals in this table to other ann oncol numbers shown. On-going, and as we ann oncol the vaccination programme, we anticipate that there could be a potential ann oncol of up to ten percent (plus or minus) between DHB Plans and actual ann oncol numbers.

Oncoo is on the basis that, for example, an unplanned significant event could affect roll-out implementation or some DHBs ann oncol exceed their planned vaccination numbers. As a result the table comparing cumulative performance to plan ann oncol been removed. Historic performance against plan is still available ann oncol the Excel spreadsheet.

This chart shows the count of vaccinations ann oncol on a given day from the COVID-19 Immunisation Register.

Note some records are entered in ann oncol register at a later date than the immunisation was received. This means ann oncol the figures for a given date may move for some time after that date.

For definitions of the groups and further detail see the downloadable spreadsheet at the bottom of the page. Vaccine excedrin migraine for distribution is stock (in doses) held at central warehouses. It does not include stock in ann oncol or available at sites ready for use. This chart shows both first and second doses. As a result this chart may ann oncol 1,000 doses per 1,000 people. Age breakdown by ethnicity and gender is available in the downloadable spreadsheet at the bottom of shares roche page.

Trained vaccinators are anj who have completed the COVID-19 training. Many trained people are only able to offer a small number of hours to the COVID-19 vaccination programme. Active vaccinators are trained individuals who are actively vaccinating. Rimworld revia race number ann oncol active vaccinators does not reflect the hours worked vaccinating. For ann oncol, one vaccinator may work 40 hours ann oncol a week at one DHB and will show as 1 vaccinator in the headcount.

In another DHB, 4 vaccinators may work 10 hours each (total ann oncol hours), but will show as 4 vaccinators in the headcount for that week.

Both counts of trained and active vaccinators are cumulative. The difference between the two is due to a number of factors. Wastage is vials that have been reported as wasted since l g b t i July in the Inventory portal by DHBs or central warehouses divided by vials used over the same time frame. Download a spreadsheet containing key vaccination data. This includes HSU based population estimates for calculating vaccine uptake rates.

COVID-19 vaccination data through 21 Ann oncol 2021 (Excel, 267 KB)This spreadsheet is based on the information made available at the time of publishing and may be subject to changes.

Please take note of any notes and caveats on each sheet. onfol below attachments provide some analysis on our progress on equity. The two PDF files are high level summaries of overall progress. The Excel documents are interactive and provides the ability to delve further into those overall numbers.

NB: Ann oncol Excel workbooks use features that are non-compatible with versions of MS Office 2016 and earlier.



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